Monday, February 28, 2011

Fanksy Strikes again?

But seriously.. What is the difference? Vote below if it is real!

Banksy Votes for Ken

This doesn't look like a Banksy but then again... those shoes are all I can see, Damn wash your Kicks!

Does Banksy Love New York?

I love NY.. Does Banksy?

Banksy Fights Hippies

This one looks pretty damn good! Is it a Banksy? Click below!

Hollywood appears to be at the Feet of Banksy!

But is it the real Banksy?

True Banksy - Appreciate Art

There is no question about this one! Bah bah Banksaroonie!

Beautiful Graffiti, you tell me stories!

Did Banksy get his car towed or does he just hate meter maids? Or is it not a Banksy?

This is the real Banksy!

Enjoy the Video and Keep playing the game!

Belsize Park Tube April 2nd, 2008

Is it a real Banksy? Weigh in below!

Oceanside California - Thursday Febuary 24th, 2011

Appearing overnight while Banksy is known to be in LA the chances are high that this could be a true Banksy in which case it would be worth upwards of 500,000 Dollars. There was a similar one found in LA but there is a great question of whether it is authentic. What is up with the ear? Why is it sloppy? Why OCEANSIDE!?

Click your answer below!