Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mixing work and Play

Banksy art on the walls of a 3d rendering by my company

Check it out

Monday, July 25, 2011

Love it - Bear Meat w/Honey 
Stonehenge Outhouses, crow, sun, weird Banksy 
Hip hop sales  
Black eye Buddha, one of my faves 

Banksy, not impressed 
You are watched

Abandon the Statues Punk...Paranoid Pictures

 I guess he is Bristol 
 diggin it

Sad reality for much of the workforce  

Banksy or Fanksy Vote below

 Kids with Gasmasks - putrid evil society 
Antichrist comes in many forms at the same time 
Banksy uses color for corny photo.. im thinking no.. VOTE BELOW! 
 Tank Love Canvas Piece 
 real to fake - we do it daily
Elephant is like a bomb as fly is to a Texas

Kids and Cops

 Kid pissing on the wall.. I dont think its a Banksy, do you? Vote Below
Evil Cop lighting cigarette for toddler 

The newest banksy rats