Monday, April 11, 2011

Banksy's many children

"If at first you don't succeed - Call an airstrike"
 Do you remember when this was all Free or Tree? Either way def a Banksy!
Child fishes in a bucket with a hypodermic needle.
This appears to be a challenge to Banksy... What do you think?
Girl holds and hugs the television. The only thing in her life that gives her attention. 
Kids are not allowed to play here?
 Children dont play outdoors anymore.. only watch TV... very humorous!
 Children are targeted and led unwittingly by advertising and trademarked/copyrighted symbols. Sad..
A child rides a hold in the wall that is converted into a bull or dog or some beast..
Bird dropping flowers into a girls palm..

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  1. no kids allowed to play one is near me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!